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Powermill Import Vise Plugin

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Powermill Import Vise Plugin

Just viewed the "What's New in PowerMill for Aerospace 2018" webinar and the presenter uses a plugin for loading a vise.


Does anyone know where/how to get the plugin?


Look like it comes with FeatureCAM but I don't see anything for Powermill.



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Hi @baylortech,

Thanks for contacting Autodesk Community Forum..

Currently there is no Vise Import Plugin for PowerMill. I am raising a change request to PowerMill development team for this feature request. 

I will keep you updated for major updates in this change request you can ask through this forum thread.

Thank  you for your time and co-operation,

Jitendra Chaudhari.
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in reply to: baylortech

If you already have FeatureCAM installed, just create a macro in PowerMILL to run the executable in the Addins folder of the FeatureCAM install. If you don't have FeatureCAM I'm sure someone at Autodesk can send you the files.



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in reply to: dames99

Can you provide an example of running an exe file from a Macro?

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in reply to: baylortech

Sure. You will need to change the path but this is the code:




 OLE FILEACTION "OPEN" "M:\Programming\DelCam\PMILL CUSTOM\Vice Import\Import_Vise.exe"

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in reply to: dames99

Thank you!


Where is "OLE FILEACTION" documented?

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in reply to: baylortech

You can do it by using "IMPORT MODEL" command in a macro instead of a .exe if you wish.


For example, save a .mac file with this code:


IMPORT MODEL "C:\delcam_data\Company_Macros\Import_Fixture\models\Nice_vise.dgk"

Then, call the macro from your user menu:


M "Import Fixture......"
I "Nice Vise" 1 "Macro Import_Nice_vise"

Alternatively, I think you could do it without a macro and just issue the command directly from the user menu.


I haven't updated to 2018 yet but here's what I have in 2017:

2017-06-14 11_46_31-Autodesk PowerMill Premium 2017    [ Editable Project _ M1874-600 ].png



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in reply to: bartmann_in_MN



He's trying to use this addin from FeatureCAM. It gives you many choices for work holding and places the vice correctly on the part automatically. It's really very well done.





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in reply to: dames99

Cool Man Surprised


2017-06-14 14_09_09-FM1 (Milling) - Autodesk FeatureCAM Ultimate 2018.png

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in reply to: dames99

Can you provide an example of running an exe file from a Macro too?

Many thanks in advance.


Kindly regards.

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in reply to: lopezerik73

"dames99" posted this earlier (see above)


 OLE FILEACTION "OPEN" "M:\Programming\DelCam\PMILL CUSTOM\Vice Import\Import_Vise.exe"

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in reply to: dames99

The only downside about this nice addin is that it only works for the first powermill window opened


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in reply to: iamcdn79

Yes, that is one limitation. Also, you can't add additional vices to the library. I think there is a wish for that already logged with Autodesk though. Keep in mind that this addin was designed for FeatureCAM and it does work in multiple windows on that software.

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in reply to: dames99

Michael Grenier (webinar presenter) posted the files:

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in reply to: dames99

Thanks !


But, for PowerMILL it work very bad -



Part, Vices and parallels are in very different positions

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in reply to: iamcdn79


Does it also do that if its made as a plugin ?

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in reply to: baylortech



Very nice job. Is there any chance to get the source file for that project. Have some ideas for it. 🙂

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something new on this?

can someone provide the newest plugin what can be used in PowerMill?

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in reply to: gosmann.andreas

I too find this would be useful. Could someone post where to get the exe or plugin please and thank you.

I clicked on the link for files posted by Grenier as described in a previous post in this thread, however those files are no longer available.

Would like to try this out, thanks in advance.

Big thanks to all who contribute!
My opinions are my own and are not intended to reflect yours.
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in reply to: baylortech

Good afternoon everybody in the forum,

Someone could upload again the files for the Import Vise plugins?

Any update regarding the Pmill usability?



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