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PowerMILL Excel SetupSheet plugin

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PowerMILL Excel SetupSheet plugin

Hi Everyone,


I've been working on another plugin last year that was just publicly released.  This one will let you create an excel template to export your setupsheets.  It gives you a bit more flexibility than the current setupsheet we have in PowerMILL.  On top of that, since the source code is available you can do whatever you want with it.  The plugin include a folder of sample files and some documentation as to how to use it.


I'm joining the pdf I made to give you an idea of what is available but also what can be done with it.





Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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in reply to: TK.421

We are defiantly not able to debug the issue this side as our Default langue is G code 🤣.  We know the basics of java and html. Enough to entertain a basic conversation. 


I've Installed the latest compile of your plugin 1.0.10 hopefully it was something in the older compile of the plugin. 


We will keep an eye out for a project that crashes and upload here as soon as we find one. 

Sometimes its months before something breaks, then it might not work for 3 days straight. 


Thanks in advance!

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@nathanANTQX No problem at all, I'm not going anywhere so when you can reproduce the problem, I'll take a look and post results here so that others can see.

Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Hi @michael.grenier4GVTU


Finally a failed Project file... hopefully you can diagnose what is going on in the plugin.... ( still has the lockfile in the project, please remove when checking)


Kind Regards Nathan

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Hi @nathanANTQX,


I'm happy to take a look at it for you. Can you send your Excel template file so I can run it with your PM project in the debugger?





Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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@michael.grenier4GVTU  Attached is our template for our setup sheets. 


hope you are able to find something in the debugger.


kind regards Nathan

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Hi @michael.grenier4GVTU ,


How to add sequential serial numbers in your template. Supposing if have 5 toolpaths in an NC program the serial number column should be from 1 to 5 as shown in the below image. 


What parameter should I add to the same in the excel file?





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Hi @Anonymous and @robincharly  ,


the problem reported by @nathanANTQX  is coming from the toolpath 41_chamfer_D6,0 which has no toolpath segment.  When the macro runs, it always extracts the properties of the toolpath to get it's XYZ min/max values but when it reaches this one, since it's empty it can't find the values and crashes.  I just made a change to the plugin so it checks for whether the toolpath is empty or not to avoid this problem.  That said, you may want to check to be sure this is expected...

@robincharly, There are no current parameter to do this in the plugin you are running so, this being extremely simple to add and since I was trying to understand what was going on with @nathanANTQX project, I used the opportunity to add {toolpath.lineid} and {tool.lineid} for you which will increment of 1 for each line within the setupsheet.  I've said that before, I'm not officially supporting this code anymore since it was released to everyone years ago but happy to do those two fixes since they are extremely simple and can probably help other users.

Thanks again everyone for using this plugin, it's always great to see people using stuff I wrote thinking it could simplify the creation of setupsheets in PowerMill.


@nathanANTQX and @robincharly , let me know how this works!

Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Hi @michael.grenier4GVTU 


I have installed the plugin & while running my powermill 2024 crashes.


Kindly give a solution asap.


Thanks in advance.

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Happy New Year all, welcome to 2024, hope its a good one for all of you.


Any news on the plugin if its up and running after the changes.


kind regards Nathan

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Hi @michael.grenier4GVTU 


New year Wishes and Hope you are doing good. We are Autodesk CAM resellers in India. At one of our customer site we tried to implement The Excel Setup sheet plugin and PowerMill is crashing without any crash report. We have also repaired the Microsoft 365 through the control panel and still the same crash is occuring.

At your convenient time it would be helpful if I can reach out to you through a Zoom session with the customer's PC to solve this crash issue.

Looking forward to your reply.



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Hi Robin,
Without having access to a debugger on the problematic PC, it's hard for me to debug anything. The source code to this addin was released so that people could do this by themselves as it's hard for me to support every customer using it. That said, I'll do my best to support you. Few things you need to be aware about that addin:
1-The template must be selected in the options or it will not work
2-The pc has to be running windows and PowerMill in English
3-Keywords used in the template must be typed in correctly so it's a good practice to try with one of the supplied test template.
My first bet would be that the plugin is used on a non English widnows and PowerMill session.
If you've verified 1,2 and 3 and they are all correct, then we can see what's the best next step to help out.
Let me know if that helps.

Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer

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