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PowerMILL Excel SetupSheet plugin

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PowerMILL Excel SetupSheet plugin

Hi Everyone,


I've been working on another plugin last year that was just publicly released.  This one will let you create an excel template to export your setupsheets.  It gives you a bit more flexibility than the current setupsheet we have in PowerMILL.  On top of that, since the source code is available you can do whatever you want with it.  The plugin include a folder of sample files and some documentation as to how to use it.


I'm joining the pdf I made to give you an idea of what is available but also what can be done with it.





Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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in reply to: fg



I have also tried the Plugin and it works fine!


I have a little problem with the language because I need it to work in Spanish, has anyone get to any solution with the language?


Thanks for all, I really needed it.

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Without changing your language to English, have you tried to change the number formatting to English USA to see if that fixes the problem?  I know it wouldn't be perfect but it could align on what is breaking in there.  I've had a similar issue with another plugin last week.

Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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I have tried it.


When Region in Windows is in english and Powermill in Spanish it works, more or less. The plugin makes the tool diameters and radius x10, instead of Ø1.5 tool, it appears like Ø15-R75. Machining times also appear really high like a 1000% more...


Appart form it, some menus in Powermill appear in english and other ones in Spanish.


But the problem maybe could be solved by changing something with the region, thats the way....


Maybe I have done something wrong when adjusting the template to my needs.


But thanks, it is a really good job

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Bonjour, j'ai récupéré votre Excel SetupSheet plugin qui fonctionne trés bien. J'ai essayé de le modifier pour mes programmes mais je n'arrive pas à trouver la fonction jauge outil. J'ai récupéré le nom {gauge.length} mais cela ne fonctionne pas.

J'aimerais aussi que tous mes outils ne sorte que sur une feuille, comment je peux faire ?

Pouvez-vous m'aider 


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lorsque le plugin est installé, vous devriez retourver des exemple dans le répertoire d'installation ainsi qu'un pdf donnant une liste de tout les paramêtres disponibles.  J'ai attaché ce pdf à ma réponse juste au cas ou.  Si vous regardez à la page #1, vous verez un exemple de liste d'outil sortie sur une seule.  Cet exemple devrait aussi être installé avec le plugin dans le même répertoire mais je le joins aussi au cas ou.  En fouillant dans le PDF, vous verrez que le Gauge Lneght devrait s'écrire {tool.gaugelength} pour être reconnu.



Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Merci pour le .PDF il va être très utile. En revanche, nous travaillons avec un programme par outil pour differentes raison. Est ce que vous pensez qu'il est possible de faire une liste d'outils en sélectionnant plusieurs programmes?

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Pour l'instant, seul une feuille combinée des toolpath de plusieurs NC programme peut être créée. Il faudrait dévlopper l'ajout dans le plugin pour faire ce que vous voulez ou simplement créer un NCProgram avec tout les toolpaths dedans pour générer la liste d'outils.

Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Merci pour vos réponse rapide.

juste 2 questions. quand je rajoute le {toolpath.axistype}, il me rajoute une ligne supplémentaire  et quand j'utilise {tool.image}, il ne me met que le nom de la photo.

Je vous joins votre plug in modifié et le résultat.

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Ok, normalement je ne devrais pas car le code source du plugin est disponible donc je ne le supporte plus vraiment, mais j'ai jetté un coup d'oeil et j'ai effectivement trouvé deux petites erreures avec le tool.image.  Même si l'image était déjà sauvegardé, il essayait toujours de la re-sauvegarder donc sa créait plusieurs fenêtre à accepter.  Et effectivement l'image ne sortait pas.  J'ai fait la correction dans cette version du plugin pour toi.  En ce qui concerne la deuxième question, c'est simplement parce que tu as utilisté une variable toolpath dans une liste d'outil.  Sa ne fait pas vraiment de sens de sortir le type de trajet pour un outil car il peut varier.  On pourrait analyser tout les toolpaths fait par cet outil et sortir une liste des types d'axes mais ce n'est pas intégré pour l'instant et n'avait pas été prévu dans ce sens.  Il faut vraiment s'en tenir aux variables tool pour les listes d'outils et les variables toolpath pour les listes d'opérations.



Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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I am new to plugins but want to learn so I downloaded the visual studio project and opened it and I have a bunch of errors.


The following could not be found:

using Delcam.Plugins.Framework;


What am I missing?  I tried searching nuget for Delcam and nothing appears.  Is there a Delcam.dll that I have to reference?  Do I have to create the Delcam.dll?


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Hello, is it possible to use other parameters or just parametes which are in the PDF file?


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Hi Jan,


In theory no, all you have access has to be integrated inside the plugin.  That being said, the plugin source code is available to everyone which means you could add whatever you want to it.  Out of curiosity, what are you looking for?



Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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How do I input my manual user settings into this spreadsheet? 


Inside PowerMill I have user inputs on my File>Information page. I input these parameters inside your template because I am trying to use your template to create my own new format and for some reason when I run the macro with the plugin, none of these are showing up. I am assuming there is an issue with linking these properties, but I am not sure how to add properties or link these within the .dll






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User defined settings are not implemented in the plugin.  If you have C# development skills, you can go here and download the plugin source code and add it:


Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Hello and thank you for the reply.

We are looking for model and stock position from the NC program workplane.




Also the stock size from NC program workplane. But this could be tricky one.




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Hi Jan,


to answer your two questions, I think you can already do the model size with the current plugin.  If you use the following:









 And make sure you activate the ncprogram workplane before you run the stupsheet, it will output what you are asking.  As far as the stock, you are right, this could get tricky quick as there are multiple situation that wouldn't too easy to handle.  for a box type of stock it could be fairly easy until you have a workplane that is not aligned with one of the stock faces.  Then what happens with cylindrical stock, or solid models or boundary stocks.  This is where I don't see how I could do something that works all the time.


Hope this helps!



Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Hello, thank you for your answer, looks good. But Im not getting any value from "{project.machmodels.maxx}" other works. Any idea?




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It's probably because of where you are trying to use it.  Some parameters can't be used in some spots.  Do you mind sharing your template?  You can send it privately if you prefer.

Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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thank you, please find the repleate in attachment. Its default with needed parameters added.




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Hi Jan,


this is only because you have a space at the end of the parameter.  The plugin copies everything it sees in the cell and matches it with the internal database.  If there is an extra blank space at the end of the parameter, it won't be able to match it.



Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer

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