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PowerMill 2021 doesn't create ARCS, just little SEGMENTS

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PowerMill 2021 doesn't create ARCS, just little SEGMENTS

Hello all, 


The thing is that I keep activated the "Output point distribution: Tolerance and keep arcs" and when I analize the toolpath it says that there are 0 arcs. Obviously when I postprocess it, the text file shows no G2 or G3 codes. 


What's the problem? I want those arcs and code or I'll have problems within the process.


Thanks you!

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Hey @Anonymous 


Arcs may not be turned on and developed in your post processer. Review your post with your reseller or Autodesk Post builder.



Jonathan Artiss
Senior Applications Engineer | DSI

Autodesk Expert Elite member
DSI, Design and Software International Autodesk Gold Partner

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Hello @Jonathan.Artiss-DSI 


Thanks for your answer.


But I'm using one of the postprocessors supplied by Autodesk (in the Autodesk's folders), where can I find a free posts for PowerMill that creates those G2/G3 codes?


PD: By the way, as I said, the "Keep arcs" is activated in the software, but when you analize the toolpath it says there are no arcs...


Thanks again.

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