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PowerMILL 2017 standard and Dynamic Machine Control

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PowerMILL 2017 standard and Dynamic Machine Control

Please make Dynamic Machine Control available in PowerMILL 2017 Standard version.  

PM2017 Standard version supports 3+2 machining.  

The whole point of Dynamic Machine Control is to re-position 3+2 toolpaths.

It seem odd these are not on the same license together, other than the obvious reason of luring me to upgrade to Premium.


If it were 5-axis Dynamic Machine Control I would understand.......but it's not is it?

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Before the new licensing system the Dynamic machine control (DMC) was a separate module. You had to buy it separately.

So some times you could have 3+2 or even 5axis without  DMC. 


After the new licensing system was implemented Autodesk was very generous (my opinion) for various reasons and added DMC to the Premium package. That enabled a lot of 5axis users who did not have DMC to have it for free (us).


I don't want to disappoint you but changes in policy in Autodesk do not happen overnight. It is a large organisation and  to change the license policy again so soon .... probably is not going to happen.


I agree with your point of view BTW. 


Kind regards


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