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Open ToolpathSettingForm Is Toooooo Slow!!!

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Open ToolpathSettingForm Is Toooooo Slow!!!

I use Powermill Since version 2016

Each update will make the opening of the  setting Form slower

I am using version 2020 Now

It takes 4 to 5 seconds to open a different strategy each time

It makes me very anxious while waiting

I think most of the others in the forum also find it very slow

If it is to open the same strategy, he is very fast

This shows that the parameter reading is very fast, the problem lies in refactoring the UI

I had to make a plugin myself to change this situation

But to support all strategies, his workload is huge

And I’m a Cs beginner, so I only improve half the efficiency

So I look forward to the official priority to solve this problem

I submitted support very early in 2017

But did not get the correct solution,Which support was automatically closed afterwards

And my Pc is  Dell  Precision 7820 tower

InterR Xeon Gold 6128 cpu @3.40GHz

NVDIA Quadro P4000

PowerMill install in SSD

Attach a comparison video

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in reply to: jjat-wang

We did a benchmark time test and found 2022 to be much slower than 2021. So we are not using 2022. Sad! I remember when 2021 came out they were bragging how much faster 2021 is. Now their going backwards with speed, that many of us want and need.

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in reply to: BearArms

Correction: we're using 2021 now.

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in reply to: Benjamin.Br

We have seen an improvement on our end with 2022. Great to see a continuous investment in this product. Thanks to you and your team for taking note of our concerns on this forum and implementing them. 

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