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Need help with .nc writing

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Need help with .nc writing

Hi everyone,

First of all I'm a complete noob to PowerMill or CNC machining in general. So here's my current problem, I've got a 3d model I want to process in a 4 axis CNC using the turning finition. I manage to do that but as soon as I try to write my .nc program, I'm met with an error : 


From what I could read on this forum,  the problem could come from the post processor I'm using, AMPPU 2017 not handling some functions in the same way AMPPU 2018 and above do. However trying to export the old post processor with AMPPU 2020 doesn't seem to do the trick...
Here's some background info if that can help :
Machine is a 4+1 axis CNC (4 axis B head although I haven't figure how to use the B axis properly yet) with and additionnal rotary axis aside from the table. It has a syntec 6MB controller.

Really hope I haven't been missing something obvious in the past 3 days trying to wrap my head around this thing !

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This doesn't appear to be a problem with the version of the post processor, but more a of a problem with the way that the post is setup.  It looks like the "Retract and Reconfigure" command of the post isn't properly setup.  This can be resolved in a couple of different ways.  If you are new to PowerMILL, it would probably be best to contact your reseller and have them fix the post.

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This is likely an issue with the post, it could be as @cfastNJWK6  mentioned, that the R&R wasn't set up correctly. It could also be the error response wasn't configured to allow the output of R&R moves. 


Check with your reseller or upload the project and post here for us to review. 

Jonathan Artiss
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Did just that (contact the reseller) and they fixed my problem giving me another Post Processor, had to take a look with the post processor utility but to no avail...

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