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Maybe "Crazy idea", is it possible to divide a stockmodel...?

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Maybe "Crazy idea", is it possible to divide a stockmodel...?

Hello Guys,


I have this stockmodel "stock" it has the stock of 8 parts in it, I wounder if theres is a way to separate the stock in to 8 stockmodels, one of each part.? Via macro?


thanks in advance


Have a nice day!



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Possible way with only a Powermill macro:
You can easily write a macro that do multiple copies of that stockmodel and create a temporary roughing toolpaths for areas that need to be removed. Apply to the stockmodels, create other copies to remove references to temporary toolpaths and delete temporary toolpaths.

Possible fancy way how to do that:
With C# automation you can export stockmodel as an stl file. With the HelixToolkit library load that stl file, split and generate new stl files. Import that stl files one be one as a stock and generate new stokmodels.


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Hello Ondrej,

thanks for the two great ideas.

The #c automation I didnt knew that Helixtool, looks great.

How do I get that?


Via pmill macro it seems a good way to, but, dont know how to that.


thank you very much for your help!!



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