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it is slowly to write the nc program about kuka robot

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it is slowly to write the nc program about kuka robot

my computer is very ok  with 64G ram and RADEON PRO DUO Graphics card,but when save the program

Will not respond


The precision machining done by the robot option of powermill is very slow in simulation and very slow in saving the program. Is there a solution?

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hello @jinchenhao1993 


without data it is impossible to comment on the time your simulation is taking.

I need to replicate your steps using your data in order to validate you have an issue, or to recommend correct steps or workflow. 

Follow the steps below to see if your simulation takes the same time mine does.

open PM
open PM project "DemoToolControl2", located in "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autodesk PowerMill Robot Plugin 2021\Library\Projects"
load ABB Robot IRB6640 + Positioner
activate "Milling"

attach to the start & simulate & save using PM Robot buttons (Robot Control tab)

it should take 4 or 5 seconds to simulate.
Is that the time your simulation is taking ?

Alexandre Pinto
Process Specialist
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I tried it ,the project of demotoolcontrol2 using the robot of abb is ok .but my project of mill is too slow to write the nc program.

my project of one milling has 487000 points nc.jpg

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hello @jinchenhao1993 

Ok, if demotoolcontrol2 is fast to simulate/post process we confirm it has nothing to do with the PC.
If you share your data I can look into it, I need:
-PM project

-simulation data (mtd, robconfig, pripost files + folder containing dmt files).

May I ask why so many points on such a small area ?
In my experience milling with a robot does not require so many points!


Alexandre Pinto
Process Specialist
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hello @alexandre.pintoAGNAU 

 Thank you for your help!  I used the Kuka  KR300+LinearTrack robot. the toolpath I changed and it also too slow to write the program. 

Does the software do not have the computing power to process so many points?

thank you!


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Hi @jinchenhao1993 

I tested a toolpath (attached PM project), toolpath 2 has 110079 points, and simulation took 7m 20 s, post processing took 6m 2s, I would say this is normal for a project of this nature. please test on your machine to see what you get.

Speeding up of post processing is not possible but simulation is. Post processing is reading the points from the simulation file (.robsim) file and going through post to write the output file.
Simulation will depend on so many factors and I changed a few to try and make it faster.

I made some modifications in my toolpath, changed the direction of the toolpath, and also the point distribution.
Changed the part position so it is flat and made sure the simulation options reduced number of axis that are available to simulate. If the solver has many options it will take longer to simulate and also provide a simulation that might not be useful, so I reduce the possibilities by applying constraints to teh simulation.
Also changed the simulation solver as Simpost 2 is slightly faster than Simpost 1 .

This is not intended to be a solution/recipe that you apply directly to your part. But it does cover what I normally try in these types of projects. It covers the points that will affect simulation time.

I hope this helps.

Alexandre Pinto
Process Specialist
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in reply to: jinchenhao1993

We are working on a KUKA linear unit KL 4000 self-contained, floor-mounted KUKA linear unit. It is operated as the external axis of a robot. Control is executed by the appropriate robot controller. We are trying to automate it based on voice recognition, not high end languages or NLP will be used it will be a simple start, stop, begin cycle1, begin cycle 2, etc commands. We have a team of chatbot development services providers assisting us with this. I'm not sure that integrating software into hardware will be done by them. Are there any other companies that can perform similar tasks with KUKU robots?

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