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Importing Assemblies from SolidWorks

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Importing Assemblies from SolidWorks

This shows where the names are being called fromThis shows where the names are being called fromThese are named the incorrect last feature in the design treeThese are named the incorrect last feature in the design treeThis is what I want the parts named asThis is what I want the parts named asGood Morning All,


I am trying to import a SolidWorks assembly into PowerMill, When I do this I had to add a parameter in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Manufacturing Data Exchange Utility 2021\sys\schemas\resources\DDX.rsc 


The parameter added was "sdxOptWriteSolidsToSeparateLevels True" this allows me to import all of my solid models onto different levels, which works great. 


The problem is that when I import the models from an assembly, they are being renamed to the lowest feature in the design tree in SolidWorks instead of the top level name which is the part name that I input when creating the part models individually. I will post pictures to help better explain as well. 


Has anyone ever seen this before and know how to fix it?


Thank you,




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Supposedly this was working back in 2018 but isn't now. Its been reported through case 17486279 and set to development through DCDOP-2543 


We shall see what they say.

Jonathan Artiss
Senior Applications Engineer | DSI

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I appreciate you helping to look into this!

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