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How to use 3D offset finishing on multi axis with multiple surfaces ?

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How to use 3D offset finishing on multi axis with multiple surfaces ?

Hi , im using this model right here with the boundary as you can see using "3D offset finishing" toolpath but it seems like powermill somehow reads boundary as  a two dimensional curve rather than a 3d boundary , im so confused right now .

Screenshot (98).pngScreenshot (99).png

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Is this because the model has undercut if you view from +z-axis, and the offset finishing strategy cannot machine it? 

Jianhua Fan
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exactly , if i see the model from z+ axis the boundary looks working in that way , one alternative approach was to rotate the workplane around X axis to math tha z axis with boundary definition but it didn't gave me accurate result also needs extra work , i didn't get under cut meaning tho is that means the model is unsewed or open ? cause the model is solid and no gaps in it .

Screenshot (100).pngScreenshot (101).png

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undercut means part of model is hidden by other part and cannot be seen if you view from the top. 

Jianhua Fan
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What would i do then ? any help appreciated

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Jesus christ someone please help 😥🙏

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in reply to: hamed.desighn

 3d offset finishing only projects the way the work plane is orientated,  try surface projection finishing or alter your work plane so there are no undercuts.

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You could also use a line projection toolpath and trim back what you don't need. 

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