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Holes appear from a Solidworks model

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Holes appear from a Solidworks model

This issue sometimes arises when we receive SW models from engineering. Usually we remedy by passing model through Powershape and then reimporting into Powermill. However, this particular model is plagued by holes like shown in the screenshot below all over the place. 

Anyone else deal with these issues?

My problem is that with all these holes, my toolpaths come out, well, wonky. Interrupted cuts and holes in boundaries etc. However, the tolerancing on this particular part is tight, and the finish needs to be very good.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.


Screenshot 2021-06-23 091019.png

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in reply to: mmagella

We have this sometimes, try selecting the problem surfaces in solidworks and doing a surface offset to "0" thickness to do a copy surface.  Then try re importing into Powermill, the surface from the solid body will still blow up and be deleted, but the surface body you just created should import properly.

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Hi @mmagella 


Can you share the file?


There maybe some DDX import resources that can be tweaked.



Christopher Marion
Technical Specialist - CAM
SolidCAD - Canada

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in reply to: cory_marty

Thanks for your reply. Tweaked the model in SW and got it to a point where Powermill didn't see the holes in my toolpaths.

So, found a workaround, but not completely a solution. Hmmm...

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Heres' the file

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Hi @mmagella 


When I import your provided file into 2022 AMDEU (Autodesk Manufacturing Data Exchange Utility), the file contains the area that you described up above with some badly trimmed surfaces.


Also, Importing the file directly into PowerShape yielded the same did FeatureCAM.  Not a huge surprise since they all use the same AMDEU for translation.


Funny enough, importing this into Fusion 360, the file looks good.


I then exported from Fusion as a Step or Iges and the file has the same bad section.


This tells me that there is something going on with the AMDEU that should be reported.  I think you should create a case about this and provide the file.  If you need help with that part, let me know and I can give you a hand.


Sorry I couldn't provide a better solution.


Christopher Marion
Technical Specialist - CAM
SolidCAD - Canada

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@ChristopherMarion ,

Thank you for trying all your different avenues to remedy this problem. I would like to create a case in order to see if there is indeed something going on with our AMDEU. I will need a bit of help on that as I've never done that before. 

This hole problem often happens to us, and I'd love to know whether it's our data exchange or just the models that we get from engineering that are the problem 😉



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Hi @mmagella 


If you are a paying customer, you can create a case through your Autodesk account.  You do have to go through a bunch of steps, but it is possible.


To create a case directly to Autodesk:


  1. go to
  2. Log into your account with your credentials (do not create an account).  You can use the same credentials you use to log into your software.
  3. Click on your profile that is located in the top right corner (may be displayed with your initials or image).
  4. Click on my account
  5. Click on the blue question mark (help section)
  6. Select Post-Purchase support
  7. Select Help using my software
  8. Enter in the product (PowerMill) and then just enter something to search relative to your problem.  This is just an automated way of perhaps finding an article that already exists about this issue and how to resolve it.  Most likely, you will not find anything related to this problem.  Click on the magnifying glass.
  9. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and then select All other customers
  10. Then fill out the relevant information about what your issue is.

Once you submit the case into Autodesk, you will get a case number and someone will reach out to you about your issue.  You should supply the model you supplied us so they can also test.


If all else fails, you can also report this to your reseller, they can assist you in doing this as well.


Hope this helps!


Christopher Marion
Technical Specialist - CAM
SolidCAD - Canada

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