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Fixed position and second position problem

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Fixed position and second position problem



im getting a problem at work, we have 6 machines (MECOF), me and my mates we work with both, but most machine are diferent.

Two of them are A3+B1 restricted angle head and his zero position is work front (paralel to the ground) A0, B0

Three of them have no Angle restricted, can rotate milesimal degree, but one A0 to A360, and B0 to B180, the other two rotates A-180 to A180 and B-180 to B180 and natural position is A180 B0.

other mecof works on top , 5 axes continuios 


This is just to understand my dificult, we have diferente pos processor for both machines.

the problem here is when we calc toolpath with "free" position, sometimes, cant understand why, simulate in one position and post process in a diferente position(second position)


so they told us to start using in toolpath "fixed 0" position, works great, now always simulate and post process in the same position.

but there is a problem. in Some machine, everytime i can toolpath, and run simulation, instead of output A0, B0, it outputs A0 B180, forcing me to manipulate every toolpath that came with b180 and change it to B0

one machine, outputs everytime B90


The other three goes well.


in theory, two machines should have fixed "180", other three fixed "0" and one fixed "90"


having three diferent toolpath for each machine are not very helpfull, in our company, sometime we rotate computers....


is there anyone struggling with the same problem?


should i change all toolpath to fixed "0" and before output for other machines, change with macro position to 180 and the other to 90?


most our problem is when we mirror toolpath, because the machine cant reach sometime the same angle (machines that work 3+1)


need to fix one strategy for this. im spending more time to check one by one what position the has.


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Firstly I would go through each you postprocessors and double check the kinematics. Just open the post file in the AMPPU go to the settings, machine kinematics, and "Export..." button above the kinematics table. This will create a new machine mtd file to use for Powermill machine simulations. After you import it into Powermill you can easily see with the machine simulation whether it corresponding with the real world machine.
If a toolpath is postprocessed in a way that the machine can't reach the position, the postprocessor shouldn't finish that postprocessing and should throw a error.
Then for different machines you need to use different output workplanes in the NC program setting. I am assuming that different machine need different output workplanes let say rotated 90 aroud the Z axis.

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