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Feature set active expression

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Feature set active expression

Hello ive been trying to figure out what the expressions are for things that are active so i can display it in my custom tab but i cant seem to find any information on it regarding it. if theres a help for it or something that would be appreciated but mainly im looking for a expression for active feature set.


another thing can you make the expression like the  "toolpath" tab where its a drop down and you can change the active tool and featureset in "hole feature set"

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I do not know if I have understood your question properly. but you can use these strings to get the names:







See at page 98 in the macro programming guide:

Evaluate the active expression
For example, the Boundary.Tool parameter is not active for a block
or sketch type boundaries. You can test whether a parameter is
active or not with the inbuilt active() function. This can be useful in
calculations and decision making.
The basic control structure is:
IF active(….) {





Lasse F.
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If you look at the default tabs under “feature set” it’ll show you the active featureset. I’m trying to get the active featureset expression into another tab I created. I’ve been looking through the help and everything and I can’t seem to find anything to help me besides the expression editor but that’s no good for my use cause it won’t show the expression….
I’ve tried $ it worked for a second then once I switched to another feature it errored out.

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