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Export tools to Fusion 360

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Export tools to Fusion 360

Hi Everyone,


I thought I would share something I've worked on earlier this year.  With Fusion being available through PowerMill since few years already, the request from users to be able to transfer data to Fusion has become more and more common.  In an attempt to ease the use of both, I've written a plugin that allows a PowerMill user to export the tools loaded within the current project to Fusion.  This will transfer the cutting geometry, the shank and Holder of each tool and match them with their corresponding type within Fusion.  Cutting parameters from the General preset will also be transferred over if that interest anyone.


FYI, this is a plugin, so simply close PowerMill, run the installer and once you reopen the software you should get a message saying a new plugin was discovered.  From there, within the vertical plugin window you should have access to this new tool.


Hope you find it useful!



Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Good morning,


@michael.grenier4GVTU  in what format do you export? I am looking for an excel export of all the components of the tool and conditions. it's possible?

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It's exporting a JSON file in the format of what Fusion uses to store it's tool database.  I don't see why exporting an excel spreadsheet instead of a JSON file would not be possible, but it would require a completely different output type which means there is about half of the plugin that would have to be re-written in this case but it's definitely possible to be done.



Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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My powermill 2024 Crash everytime i try to generate tool, whats is wrong?

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Check the file path (keep it simple).

Check the Regional Settings and try UK settings and/or "." as the decimal symbol.


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i instaled last version. works if i export do local like c:\

export direct to fusion crash


the problem now is that it gives an error importing the file in fusion


it only works with simple tool created by and (tool+shank+holder)


seems to give error because of the geometry of tool, tolerance or data speed/feed

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Can you share your original tool database along with the json file you are generating?


Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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as soon i arrive the company i share it


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solved changed my windows to english

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The problema mas the 'decimal' Changed from "," to "." In regional setings

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now can we get the reverse as well HAHA😁

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