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Auto Hole Drilling and Tapping

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Auto Hole Drilling and Tapping

I am currently trying to create a macro to do all my counterbored holes and tapped holes with a click of a button. 

Right now the macro (hole_drilling.txt  just change the extension to run it.) searches for the hole color yellow,  (255,255,0) and if it finds that color it goes and creates a hole feature set. If not it Macro Aborts. 


The issue I am having is these parts have multiple of the same holes on them so when it is looping through the feature set it sees each hole individually but the toolpath is applied to all the holes. So the called macros get reran multiple times for each of the holes that match the description.


This is where I was hoping if I put in the  If $ == " "   then I could have it skip over the called macro and move on but not having much luck getting that to work, just not sure how to code this portion.  


Any suggestions are appreciated!    


Thank you

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You may want to rethink your approach and dive into Drilling Methods instead.  They are designed to do exactly what you are trying to do with a macro.  When you set the filters on the drilling method, it will group similar holes together.  That way you don't end up with multiple toolpaths being created for identical featuresets.  The drilling methods will also automatically import tools from the currently connected tool database if the tool name in the method matches the tool name in the database.

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When you say multiples of the same holes do you mean that you are getting a feature for the counterbore and a feature for the clearance hole? If this is the case then you need to have "create compound holes" checked which will join all of the relevant hole components together as one.

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Thank you for your input, I will do some digging in and see what I can figure out with that method. 



Please see the attached photo. When it is cycling through this macro each hole gets called back out and the toolpaths get reapplied again (All the _2 toolpaths) . I will changing it to "create compound holes" and see how that works out. 


Thank you

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Could you go through the attached video, hope this will help you to sort out the issue. Because one my customer requested the same.

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