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4th Axis "B" Rotation Issue

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4th Axis "B" Rotation Issue



We are running into an issue when we post out of Powermill 2024. When we program our horizontals to do a 4th axis or "B" rotation, we are not seeing a "B" rotation if we start with a angled work plane for our first toolpath in the NC code while using Powermill 2024. We didn't have this issue when were using Powermill 2022. The only way we can get it to rotate is if we use a dummy toolpath with a normal work plane to the tombstone as the first toolpath. After it runs the dummy toolpath the "B" axis will rotate.


Thank you in advance.

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It is hard to say, when you didn't supply any project, posts or NC codes with the differences. I can only guess that it could be related to automatic orientation vectors assigned to toolpaths after simulation and then the post is doing the 5X postprocessing even when it could do the 3+2.
Solved: Toolpath verification changes post processed output - Autodesk Community - PowerMill

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