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3D Curve Following Using Robotic Plug-In

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3D Curve Following Using Robotic Plug-In

Dears ,

Greetings ,,,,


  We are trying to use Powermill 2024 for a robotic cutting project based on 3D curve (X,Y,Z) data generated from Rhino.



   The Generated points File from Rhino (*.txt) has curve data in format of X,Y & Z while powermill robotic arm supposed to follow the curve taking into consideration the model as an obstacle .


3D points Generated from Rhino



  By using Powermill Pattern to import curve points & choosing Pattern Finishing mode , We are able to generate toolpath for the robot to follow the curve but actually it is not generating typical path from available curve.


  If we remove the model & keep the Curve alone , Generated toolpath will follow the curve precisely !


Imported Model (Supposed to be Obstacle) & 3D Curve/Points



  Powermill mainly selected to be able to change robot orientation or in other words adding 4th & 5th axis data so the final toolpath will be 5D instead of 3D .


  We could not find a way to inform Powermill to deal with curve points as "Curve following" while avoiding model "Collision Object".




We would like to know :

1- Why generated toolpath when model inserted is not following the curve ? , Is this because model is triangular ones (.stl) without faces?


2-How to inform Powermill that model is an obstacle & it has to change robot orientation to avoid hitting this model/obstacle while keep following curve path ?


  Your advises will be highly appreciated .


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