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Point Layout 2019 R1: What's New

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Point Layout 2019 R1: What's New


Supported Products:

  • AutoCAD 2015-2019 + Verticals
  • Revit 2015-2019
  • Navisworks Manage and Simulate 2015-2019


  • Fix curve distance entry bug where value was not used if unit of measure was specified, e.g. 2m would not work, but 2 would work.



  • Fix Codemap line color bug where changes to AutoCADs background color settings would also affect the line colors of entries in the Codemap.
  • Fix issue with Automated->Fabrication point marked where points that fell outside the hangers extents by an infinitely small amount would not be marked.
  • Fix Renumber points would not always work.


General across all Plugins:

  • Filter/Manage points: Add Append option allowing to create a list of points made up of points matching different filters.
  • Add Forum link buttons.


Shayne Hamel
Manager, Principal Software Engineering
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in reply to: s.hamel

Is there any plan to update the User Guide (2016?).

And any plan for APL for Inventor. The prevalence of pre-fabrication and modular construction demands digital construction techniques for Inventor users.

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in reply to: mrumbelow

Hello mrumbelow, welcome to the forums.  A guide update is something that we hope to have for the next years release to cover new functionality or changes to existing since the last guide update.  As for an inventor plugin, it is not something that is currently being worked on.  It was explored many years ago, and a proof of concept made, however there was not enough demand for it at the time.  I do agree that it would be a useful addition to the existing set, so will bring it up for discussion.




Shayne Hamel
Manager, Principal Software Engineering

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