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Difference in output GUI Vs Accoreconsole

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Difference in output GUI Vs Accoreconsole

Hi Everyone,


We have developed a small application in .NET to pull multiple sub assembly dxf files and place it in an output file in predefined locations to create a parent assembly.


When we run the application to execute via GUI the output is OK, When we run the same dll file via Accoreconsole, one particular sub assembly dxf (which comes in 3 different locations) does not sit in its defined location. 

In the coreconsole window, it shows the correct x & y coordinates for placement, In actual output it is offset in x&y (All 3 files of same part number, gets offset, not by same value too)


Any help to solve this is highly appreciated 


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It could be that something in the drawing needs to be worlddrawn to determine extents.   

What happens if you run the implementation, but using a side database? If it’s the same result as Accoreconsole, then it must be the case

Python for AutoCAD, Python wrappers for ARX https://github.com/CEXT-Dan/PyRx

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