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OAuth with entitlement API

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OAuth with entitlement API



First of all, the question might seem dumb but I am a little bit confused, so please bear with me.


I want to use entitlment API with Autodesk Exchange store, so I need the AppId (which is available) and the UserId. For the UserId I can check the variable "ONLINEUSERID" or as suggested by this post, I can dispaly the Autodesk Log in and ask the user to log in.


I tried the code with the post but I don't know how I can get the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret"! Any hints or answers are much appreciated.

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Hi there,


You don't need a consumer key and secret to use this API, as far as I know.


Here's a blog post where I showed another way of using it:




Does it help?



Kean Walmsley

Platform Architect & Evangelist, Autodesk Research

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My sugegstion is to use the entitlment API with "ONLINEUSERID". If ONLINEUSERID is empty, please promot the user to sign in A360. At present, there is no direct/easy method to get "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret". 

Also, the post is old. To avoid getting "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret", we requested the developers to "ONLINEUSERID".  

Please refer http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/item?siteID=123112&id=24243865

Virupaksha Aithal KM
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network

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Thanks so much for your reply,


I got the idea but I have a small follow-up. Can my software shows the log-in window instead of asking the user to use the log-in button in the AutoCAD interface?

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Not in a way that's meaningful to AutoCAD: the sign in capability is built into AutoCAD's UI.


You could implement your own application's sign-in capability, but then you'd be on your own with respect to entitlement etc.



Kean Walmsley

Platform Architect & Evangelist, Autodesk Research

Blog | Twitter
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in reply to: kean.walmsley

is there any option to get the 'ONLINEUSERID' by submitting the autodesk ID 

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