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Items skewed when opening IFC on Navisworks

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Items skewed when opening IFC on Navisworks

I have an issue where the IFC file, when opened in navisworks, the items become skewed. they look fine on another software. Also the rvt-file turns out fine. 


Any tips on how to fix the IFC data? the pictures show the same element. one is the IFC version, the other the revit. 

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Hi @Anonymous,


I cannot see what are you saying, maybe if you upload the pictures without highlighting the clashes?

If this helped solve your problem please mark it as solution, so other users can get this solutions as well.

Valentin Noves

BIM Manager
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The green item in the clash is the same item. One of them saved in an IFC and the other as rvt.


The one in "ifc orig" is the one saved as IFC. The wholes in the items do not have the stardised shape. They are supposed to be rectangular. Ordinary rectangulars, like in the  RVT-file. The wall, the red one in the clash of "ifc orig" also has an arrowed shape. Instead of just rectangular. 


Sorry for not taking the pictures from above, would've been easier to see. 

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Here are some ideas:

  • In Navisworks Options>File Readers>IFC, adjust those settings to see if that makes a difference, including Unchecking Revit_IFCs if these are not from Revit.

Navis-IFC options.png


  • In Navisworks Options>Display try toggling Hardware Acceleration off (or on if currently off).
  • Return to the source of these IFCs and check the export settings in that software. Redo the IFCs.
  • If working in large coordinates (super far from 0,0,0), test in a new Navisworks file not using large coordinates. Does that make a difference?

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Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist

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