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Normal Modes Abnormally Terminates With MFLUID

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Normal Modes Abnormally Terminates With MFLUID

I'm learning how (or trying to) to use the MFLUID entry to account for fluid mass in some normal modes analysis.  I created a very simple box with an open top, and I did a basic free-free normal modes analysis.  I then created a region for the box's four vertical sides and bottom for the MFLUID (the fluid being seawater).  I did a "dry" normal modes analysis to establish a baseline, and everything went well.  When I try the "wet" normal modes analysis (with the MFLUID region defined), Autodesk Nastran (2018) abnormally terminates.  I checked the .OUT file for any errors and warnings.  None exist other than it terminates abnormally.


I don't know what is going wrong or what I'm missing.  It is probably something too obvious for me to notice. 

I have attached the BDF/analysis file.


Autodesk Nastran version 2018

Femap version 11.4.2

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Hi everyone.


The problem is the LANCZOS extraction method has a problem when MFLUID is included in the analysis. The solution is to change the extraction method to SUBSPACE.


John Holtz, P.E.

Global Product Support
Autodesk, Inc.

If not provided already, be sure to indicate the version of Inventor Nastran you are using!

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