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Why does this part turn into a weird mess when I try to make it solid?

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Why does this part turn into a weird mess when I try to make it solid?

This is what it looks like before making the part solid, and is what it SHOULD look like    

    Scorpion 1.png

This is what it looks like when I actually make it solid, using my usually settings   

   Scorpion 2.png

Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it? This does not happen when I try to make just the head piece solid, but when I combine it with the body and make the entire thing into one solid part, this happens

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in reply to: Gellick

Make solid work on some very complex logic algorithms. It tries to connect everything as one shell. So its trying to merge the helmet to the face.


Make solid often ignores low poly surfaces, also relatively small shells, or even very thin shells.


Do you plan on 3D printing this? If so then manually delete unwanted shells.

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in reply to: Gellick

It is useful with the Make Solid tool to sometimes set a small positive amount in the Offset slider, I would try that on that helmet.

Nick Kloski
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