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Unhandled issue on Export of several textured objects

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Unhandled issue on Export of several textured objects

If you have several textured meshes added to your scene:

Ohne Titel.jpeg

and you do something which joins the objects to one (e.g. Combine, some Boolean or saving the whole scene in one OBJ) you'll find that MM's obj export doesn't handle multiple textures properly. On Export it may save one textured material only.

If you reimport such a OBJ you'll see only one texture being used:

Ohne Titel 3.jpeg

A closer look at the source files shows the problem: Both source objects come with the very same material definition label. Opening OBJ files and the corresponding MTL files in a text editor you see that both use "defaultMat" (orange) while their MTL point to different texture images(green). That's why both source OBJs load fine on Import.

Ohne Titel 4.jpeg

Against saving the scene as a MIX file (which handles that properly) on OBJ Export MM keeps "defaultMat" for both surfaces and saves (and links to) a single texture image. This results in a texturing as shown above.


To keep different textures in such a case you need to edit the material label in one of the source OBJs and its MTL (here I added a "1") before Import:

Ohne Titel 5.jpeg

Now MM saves the different source surfaces as different materials and on reimport you will get the proper result:

Ohne Titel.jpeg



Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thatès some advanced MM work! Thanks!

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