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Unable to remove assigned posts/struts.

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Unable to remove assigned posts/struts.

I'm using Meshmixer on a Mac. The CTRL key appears to perform the same action as the ALT key (tumble), and when I hold CTRL and click a previously aded post/strut, it isn't deleted. Is there any way to remove the tumble assignment from the CTRL key, so that it works for deleting support struts as described in the documentation? Thanks.


L. Lee


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Now I'm able to get the command key to remove the posts when I click. I'm sure I checked this before, but I may have forgotten to click "Analysis" previously to enter the necessary context. Never mind.

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On a macOS system with default settings you need to replace Ctrl wit Cmd for all tools using this modifier key.


For MM navigation (not the tools) you can also set the keyboard to use Ctrl:

Go to macOS Preferences/Keyboard and its Keyboard tab. Hit the ModifierKeys button. Now choose your keyboard (or the USB Receiver it is plugged to) in the dropdown at top. Set the Control(^)Key to "No Action".

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

OK, but I would have to toggle that setting depending on whether MM is in use, because it's global. I depend far too much on control to consider keeping that a default.

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