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trouble with file

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trouble with file

i my meshmixer crashed, does it save a restore point in any folder? also is there a way to go to a previous version of a saved file of meshmixer?

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Running MM it automatically saves a .mix file to documents/meshmixer/autosave. By default it saves each minute for ten times. When there are ten versions saved a new autosave replaces the oldest one. 

The default autosave interval can be changed by editing meshmixer.ini while MM isn't running:

  • E.g: Editing its line 
  • to 
    >will do an autosave at a three minutes interval. This is a good idea if you are processing huge files.

Note: The autosave directory will be cleaned at MM's next start if the former session was shut down without an error.


If a crash occurred in the former session MM will ask whether to restore the latest version of the autosave content at its next start and clean the directory after the restoring process or if you decided to do no restore.

So for important work it might be a good idea to copy/move the whole autosave directory to a different location after a crash to keep all versions and load them manually.


There's nothing like versions handling .mix files in MM. As soon as you hit Save from the File menu it will overwrite the currently saved .mix file. So to keep versions you should do SaveAs and set a modified name the old school way or use an OS backup system as TimeMachine on Mac...

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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