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Tree support too close to model

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Tree support too close to model

Adding custom support posts is a very powerful tool for 3D printing, that I often use. However I often have trouble removing the support because the posts "hug" the model too close. I would love to see a setting like "Distance between Model and support post". Or is there any other way to do this?
(I dont have trouble at the support tip, but at the "main body"/"post" of the support).

The example in the picture looks just fine, but I got other models, where it was too close to the model. Also, I often use "vertical expansion" in my slicer, which adds to the problem.


Another thing I would like to see: When adding a strut that goes through the model, it automatically wraps around ("hugs") the model 😉

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The only way I know to get a bigger distance posts/object is some scaling trick:

Let's say the object is 50x50+50

1. Reduce Units/Dimensions at a certain factor (let's say 0.5 > so it's 25x25x25 now)

2. In Overhangs use the same factor 0.5 for all unit related parameters(e.g. target post diameter shall be 3: so set it to 1.5 )

3. GenerateSupports

4. Rescale via Units/Dimensions to the target size (50x50x50)

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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