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Transfering / copying textures

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Transfering / copying textures

Dear all,


I'm pretty new to Meshmixer but I'm very sure I will use it a lot in the future.

During experimenting and studying the documentation, I found a video showing a

very interesting feature of a pretty old version of Meshmixer. 

In this video at 1:23 and at 3:57 

textures are transferred in a stunning convenient way. Especially controlling the 

intensity of the copy with a brush is very nice. 

Also moving a selected texture, like the rear light of the car body, would be very handy.

I experimeted a bit in the current version of MM (3.5.474) but could not find the 

functionalities shown in the video. 

Creating Parts in Meschmix MyParts is similar, but not the same.
But as I said: I'm new to this and maybe I overlooked something.


Has this function been removed from MM?

What version of MM is shown in that video? Maybe it is still around somewhere...

It would be great if you could give me a hint.

Thank you!


Best regards


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in reply to: lothar.merl

The GeoBrush (there you'll find its source code and some demo Win Binary) was a veeerrry early attempt which isn't implemented in MM any more ( and I'm not sure if it were part of an official release at any time). The former old versions archive was removed. 😞



Stuff like moving the rear lights is simply a combination of 

  1. SELECT some region,
  2. ConvertToOpenPart 
  3. Edit/EraseAndFill this selection
  4. D&D the part from MyParts onto the surface (press SHIFT while D&D to keep the part at original size), set Type = RotInvCoord and move it


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: lothar.merl


A shame that was not applied to the official release. Well - it is as it is. 
I'll have a look at the link.


About the backlight: Tht's roughly what I tried. It worked somehow and I will practice it. 




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