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This system does not support OpenGL 1.1

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This system does not support OpenGL 1.1

Hey all,


I have been trying to get Meshmixer to work. I am having no luck. I keep getting an error "No OpenGL 1.1"


I have:

1) uninstalled and reinstalled Meshmixer

2) Downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers (this morning)

3) Tried to force my gfx card to run all OpenGL stuff in the Nvidia control panel

4) Verified OpenGL install using TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.32.0

5) Looked in my "uninstall apps" list for anything I don't need

6) Restarted perhaps 10 times

7) I can run games, I use Fusion 360 without issue


I have attached a screen shot with the error, and some system information. You can see my driver versions, including OpenGL 4.6

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in reply to: pliska.adam

Not sure.


Could you be of assistance @Andrew.Sartorelli?

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in reply to: hfcandrew

If this is open source stuff, and the tool chain isn't too cumbersome for my setup and knowledge, I would be willing to debug this. Is this open source? Is it hosted somewhere?


I have used this tool on this very system in the past. It's very useful and I'll be at a loss without it. The tree supports are pretty cool and allow some interesting things.

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in reply to: pliska.adam

I just thought to try the latest Nvidia studio drivers - no luck there either.


Then I thought, I'll try MeshMixer 3.3.  And....... it worked!


so.. I wonder if something in the MeshMixer config got messed up and simply uninstalling it and reinstalling it fixes it. So, I uninstalled 3.3 installed 3.5. And......... it did NOT work. So this appears to be something that was changed from 3.3 to 3.5!


That should certainly help narrow down the search?


I'm gonna try 3.3 again, one moment..... Ok, 3.3 is now installed again And....... It works!


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in reply to: pliska.adam

Good troubling shooting/experimentation. Meshmixer is free, but not open source.


Sorry I can't provide any insight beyond that,  I was hoping someone from the Autodesk team would reply, but this MM forum is often neglected.

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in reply to: hfcandrew

I am getting emails suggesting that I close this issue with a solution found. I tried to not let that happen since we have not heard from the development staff yet. Downgrading to the most recent other version only works while we can access that other version.


I am not sure that is a solution to this issue.

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in reply to: pliska.adam

Ya those notifications are just automated, no worries.


Maybe we'll try some of the Netfabb autodesk staff: @steffen_anders_adsk  or @diana.yr 

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I'm afraid neither of us can help here.


Steffen Anders

Autodesk Netfabb Team

Netfabb resources: Online HelpNetfabb knowledge baseForumsHomepageYouTube
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in reply to: pliska.adam

I am seeing this when launching Meshmixer from Fusion 360. If I export the STL file and load it from Meshmixer, it works fine. This used to be my normal process, as both products have been great and were a typical part of my 3d printing hobbyist workflow.

As a note, if your prices were more reasonable, I might even be a paying customer. I'm happy to be a free user, as I only use this for hobby uses and I typically even share my own models giving you guys credit, and I've used Autodesk software since I was a teenager 20 years ago. You guys largely do a great job. I imagine this is an issue paying customers see also. I'm glad today that I am not one of them.

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in reply to: andrewRB924

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