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The difference between the "Preserve Boundaries" and "Preserve Group Boundaries"

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The difference between the "Preserve Boundaries" and "Preserve Group Boundaries"



I am trying to reduce the mesh size of three objects tied to each other in the Meshmixer. I wonder if there is a way to reduce the mesh sizes in a way that the contact surface between these objects still stays good enough. and no gap appears between them. I have tried to reduce the mesh with shape-preserving reduce type but the mesh triangles shape vary too much therefore I was wondering if I can use the "Uniform" type for my problem.

Also, I was wondering what is the difference between the "Preserve Boundaries" and "Preserve Group Boundaries"? and which one should I use for my problem.


Thank you for your help 

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PreserveBoundaries keeps the vertices at the selection boundaries the very same. PreserveGroupBoundaries keeps the vertices at face group boundaries within the selection the very same (if there are any).


At your issue: I'd try try ReduceTarget=MaxDeviation (and set the desired accuracy at MaxDeviation slider) plus ReduceType ShapePreserving (Uniform tries to find regular triangles) . Note: Any reduction will not keep the precise shape and if you apply reduction on different fitting meshes the results will never fit precisely if the topology of the contact area wasn't exactly the same on the source meshes.


More info about Reduce here

Note: You can do a reduction also using Remesh with a negative Density.


To make sure that parts fit perfectly after a reduction you may consider to extrude or offset a contact region on one part A and to do a BooleanDifference using a copy of the not modified part B.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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