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Supports inside model - how to avoid

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Supports inside model - how to avoid



Meshmixer generate very good support but got problem. Meshmixer always put support inside my model, printed cooling for my 3d printer and Meshmixer put support inside them. I know, remove manual but it's hard becaus don't know how to get inside my model in this program. Printed lamp, Nuke lamp from thingiverse and program generate suppor inside lamp.


Anyone can help how to remove generate inside model support??

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There's no way I know to restrict the creation of interior supports.


To remove interior supports I do a ConvertToSolid as a NewObject. Now drag the transparency SHADER onto your source object to view inside. Make the support object the active one and SELECT a seed selection on an interior support and hit E to ExpandToConnected. Hit X to discard.


Without an ConvertToSolid you may leave Overhangs after the creation of raw supports. SELECT a seed selection on the outer shell of your object and hit E and Y to separate it. Do the same on the interior shell ( in SELECT you need to enable AllowBackFaces ). Combine the outer and interior shell and set it transparent. Now with the remaining supports being active enter overhangs again to remove the raw supports the usual way. (Note making the supports solid now doesn't care about a SolidMinOffset)

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Thanks, this was a lifesaver. Every time I added supports to a model, I had to search the surface very carefully to try and find a point where any interior supports breached the surface, in order to delete them... if they were fully contained in the model, I would have to regenerate supports with different settings and start the process over again, it was maddening, and if I missed any interior supports, chunks of the model would fail to print correctly. This is literally the only answer I have found to the problem online.

- Nicholas Marsh

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          the only way I have found round it is to add supports to the model/mesh first then hollow it out,



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