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Support generation incomplete. Missing branches. Need help.

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Support generation incomplete. Missing branches. Need help.

hi all,


Beginner with Meshmixer. I have problem generating support.


Some part of the model don't have the support, and I don't understand why. In a section view of the part, the profile is the same (areas with/without support).
The face to be supported is completelly parallel to the ground along the whole part, so there should be support everywhere along this face.


In the middle of the video I hit "D" letter to show the spheres, maybe it is useful for you. (I've seen it in another forum post with support problems).


How can I fix this problem?

What is the difference between part with/without support?


And also, as I'm beginner, what is the function of blue line in the object? Area highlighting?


Please see attached files.


Thank you.

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in reply to: fundamental4

Most likely the set printer's build volume is too small. MM calculates supports only within the printer's volume and the part is outside it partially.

To make the current printer visible: Go to View menu and click on ShowPrinterBed. Now there's a dropdown in the upper right corner were you can set a different printer or define one via PrinterPreferences.


The blue lines indicate open boundaries were the different surfaces are not welded. Try to run EDIT/CloseCracks to join the seams. If this doesn't work you'll need different repairing.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb


Thank you MagWeb for your quick answer, and you are right.


Small area of the part was OUT OF the BUILD PLATE. See attached. 


Thank you for the meaning of the blue lines: open boundaries.


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