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Stumped on how to make this mini 3d print ready

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Stumped on how to make this mini 3d print ready

So I posed this mini in Blender because I know how to do that but am not sure how to repair the mini and some areas like the cape need to be thicker for it to print. Normally I run it through netfabb to repair and then use extrude to make any particularly thin areas better. In this case, I can't do that with the cape, skirt, sheath and possibly more. Can anyone help me out with this? I have next to no experience with meshmixer or netfabb.

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Two major issues:

  • This mesh wasn't created for printing but for rendering only. It is composed of several redundant shells were a pair of shell (e.g. the front and back side of the cape point to opposite normal directions). This does its job as one is interested in rendering only but fails on real world output. A single sided shell owns no thickness. That's why you can't make them thicker. To fix such issues you might try this: >EDIT/GenerateFaceGroups (pull its sliders to get as few as possible but different groups for the front and backside)>>SELECT one shell group of a pair (e.g the back of the cape) by double click and hit X to discard >>>SELECT the other shell and run Edit/Extrude to get a desired thickness....
  • The mesh comes as a STL which is a format that ships a bunch of loose triangles while welding of triangles sharing same vertex coordinates is done by the importing application. Now if there are redundant triangles this welding might result in non manifold faces issues (MM highlights such edges connecting more than two tris which a red line). If the mesh is OK in Blender: Try a different exchange format as OBJ. If changing the format to an indexed one doesn't fix the red lines (maybe the Blender input had this issue already) in MM you'll need to go the hard road of deleting duplicates of faces manually...

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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