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Struggling to fill small holes on bolus for radiation therapy. also separating an object along a selection line. (pics inside)

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Struggling to fill small holes on bolus for radiation therapy. also separating an object along a selection line. (pics inside)

Hi I'm a radiation therapist trying to use Meshmixer to create 3d bolus. (custom form fitting devices that increase radiation dose to the skin). 


We continually hit problems with small gaps and holes in our exported bolus, this comes from a program called eclipse, I'm struggling to find the right tools or options to fix these holes.   I've tried selecting the inside facets and hitting bridge but it errors and doesn't work. the brush tools just make a mess of it and keeping the original thickness of the print is very important to its dosimetric properties. close gaps doesn't work either. 


Also I'm trying to test making silicone molds for some of our more complex area bolus prints and I've gotten to the stage i have a hollow object exactly what i want for the mold. i select the half i want and i just cant get it to separate correctly along that line. it grabs like the skin rather than right down the middle of my selection keeping 2 3d parts. this isn't okay because the inside is perfect for my bolus mold. 


Any ideas what i need to be clicking at these stages. pics in attachments. 

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Might be able to so a Select>Deform>Smooth


Or  select>Erase and fill


I'm not sure exactly where the problem is coming from though, I'll need you to attach the .mix of an example, and maybe also post a video of your workflow where this is occuring.

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Here's one where all I've done is make solid to smooth it out a bit, there are so many poor edges id like to smooth out and use the "bridge" to make more uniform.   but it gets holes in it, that none of these tools like erase and fill work for. just error or doesn't work. also the selection can turn red. 

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I think I'm understanding what you want. Watch:


And see attached.

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You might try this:

Run EDIT/GenerateFaceGroups and pull up AngleThreshold to get one group at the solid's front and a different one at the rear. Between these groups are small connecting groups.

Ohne Titel 8.jpeg

Go to SELECT and double click the front and rear group to select these surfaces.

Ohne Titel 9.jpeg

Hit Y to separate this regions as a separate object. You may hide this object or drag the transparency SHADER onto it (as I did)

With the original object being active go to SELECT. Use the polygon selection mode clicking on empty space to draw a loop including the internal connections (=holes)

Ohne Titel 10.jpeg

clicking next to its start all surfaces within the loop are selected now. Hit X to discard.

Activate both objects and run Combine.

Ohne Titel 11.jpeg

Next is to run EDIT/CloseCracks to weld the surfaces again.

Now there are still some open boundaries you can fix with ANALYSIS/Inspector

Ohne Titel 13.jpeg

Click the blue and red marker spheres to close the surfaces (the magenta market mean small isolated surfaces)

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Thanks so much. I've tried this out and it helps with most of our problems. 

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