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square cut

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square cut

How can I easily do a square cut, like a horizontal or vertical cut?
The "plane cut" tool allows cutting at any angle, and it's painstakingly slow to adjust the cut so it's simply vertical or horizontal. 99% of the time I want to do a simple chop of a model. 

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in reply to: thijsWJF29

Well that was less overtly bellicose than your last attempt to ask this, and as you can see from my recent history on this forum like many of us these days I've recently come into a lot of free time... so I'll bite.


There are 3 ways to do this, each increasingly more accurate and time consuming to perform and what makes sense for you 100% all depends on your model's complexity and what you want for your final product. So I need more info.


Can you post a screencast of what you want and attach the stl too?

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Yeah, I'm not all too proud of that post, but that's just how it is. I've gotten quite fed up with software that's too difficult (and/or poorly documented) to do even the most simple of things. GNU / open source software seem more prone to bad GUI's to me. Lightroom was by far the nicest GUI I've worked with.  For 3D printing I'm now using Freecad. It's reasonably simple, but I'm also  frustrated how certain simple things are broken or impossible to understand. Documentation is poor, so quickly I have to dive down the rabbit hole of google searches and forum support threads.


Anyway. There's no need for a screenshot or model information. I'm just doing a square cut, like chopping the end off a carrot. After googling I found a post, explaining how the snapping works. Rather than just dragging the mouse to cut, I just start with the default horizontal plane (which is hard to see if the printer bed view is disabled), then I start dragging one of the arches (red, green blue).... and then a compass appears, which is very hard to see. This allows 5° increments, but only when your mouse cursor snaps on to it.  


I'm glad to hear the  other possibilities to do so. I don't feel bad for making a support thread for this. This simple issue kept me from putting Meshmixer to any use, since I started 3D printing 1.5 years ago. 

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in reply to: thijsWJF29

Oh no worries. Personally I don't find the transform wiget hard to see. Maybe your graphics are off? Hard to tell without the screencast or at least a screenshot.


There are pages and pages of documentation on how to use every tool:

This is in the MM menus under: Help>Online Help

And also linked to on the MM website homepage and frequently linked to on this forum.


Or yes youtube has many tutorial videos:


Anyways another hint: If you are doing cuts at very precise increments, then toggling the green 'S' for 'snap' helps with in. If the snap increments are not to your desire then this can be changed in the 'transform' menu at the bottom under "Snap Step".


Alrighty, well if you get stuck again on anything, feel free to elaborate in a post.

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Well, ehm, that manual page doesn't describe the compass and how you can make the plane snap to 5 degrees.
I haven't checked youtube videos yet. Along with google and forum searches, it quickly takes time to figure out something super basic.
My Meshmixer is recent and without any tweaking. But ok, here's a screenshot. No idea how I can make it show up inline. Let's be honest, the compass for snapping is almost impossible to see. It seems to be safe assumption to say most people are going to do cuts at a 45° or 90° angle, rather than at an angle you can simply eyeball.

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in reply to: thijsWJF29

Ahh I see, so technically you are doing a transformation of your cutting plane. Everything in the help guide regarding transformations is under the transformations heading:


Ya I guess its hard to see the tick lines say relative to a pink colour etc. Also from your screen shot looks like you do not have anti-aliasing turn on. That can help lines appear more obviously. Go: File>Preferences>Enable Anti-Aliasing. Your monitor resolution might be too poor too, to see think lines. Also the printer bed colour obstructs the view a bit too. Go: View>Show Printer Bed. Then overall background colour might not be ideal so press spacebar, that will pop up a window, and in the top right corner click the dark grey box to change the colour to something you feel contrasts well.


Starting using any program can take a while to figure out how to use it and what can be done, from Microsoft Excel, to video games, to MM.

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