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Smothered Effect on Boolean Difference

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Smothered Effect on Boolean Difference

I am trying to perform a simple boolean difference using two models. However, there is a smothering effect which removes all resolution on the cut. I am not sure how to resolve this issue. 


I have included screenshots of the settings used and the result of the cut. 

Any suggestions you may have are appreciated.



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I'd suspect the mesh density is too low.


Or its working fine, and its just a graphics issue, meaning the the wrong rendering mode. Read here.

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Thanks for your response. I tried exporting to check if it was a graphics
issue and the STL looks smothered as well. How can I fix the low mesh issue?
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Hit 'W' to see the wireframe. Select All>Remesh.


Every situation is different because every mesh is different. Unique little snow flakes they are. So if that doesn't work could you attach the files and also post a screen cap.

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Snowflakes indeed! I did not get it to work-- Attached are the files in a zipped folder, as well as a Screencast showing the operations and also the translations of the two models.

Thanks in advance!

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I didn't see the Screencast in my reply, so I am placing the link in this message.


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in reply to: georgekenefati98

Have you tried I checking the box “auto-reduce results”?  This often leaves a sharper edge.  If not, I agree...remesh first.

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in reply to: nfarley

Yep works fine for me if you either:

A) 'Remesh' to a higher density

B) Uncheck 'Auto-Reduce' results

C) Lower 'Target Edge Scale' to ~0.2mm

D) Really just play around with the menu settings until it looks good enough. Read this:

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Thank you very much for your help 🙂

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