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Sealing off a cavity?

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Sealing off a cavity?

Is there a way to just seal off, then delete a cavity that goes into the interior of the model? I have some human models with an open mouth and the inside of the mouth goes way too deep. It will cause problems when printing. My solution has been pretty hacky I assume:

Plane Cut (slice) the front of the model's face where the mouth opens, delete some area on the new plane face to separate the interior mouth from the rest of the model, Erase & Fill the hole, separate shells to delete the interior mouth, then combine the two face pieces back together.


Is there a better way to do this?


.stl file attached if needed.


Secondary question, what is the best way to remove the other interior objects in this model? They are attached to an outer wall so a simple Separate Shells doesn't work.

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1) Always hard to say without see the model and exactly how the triangle are laid out. But yes that is what I'd do. Alternatively just really zoom in on the cavity>select a ring around where you want it cut off>discard that selection> separate shells>Delete>inspector


2) That model looks fine to me, I see no interior shells/noise etc. Could you make a screencast or screen capture of what the problem area is?

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I'm not sure if there is a better way to show the interior of a model, but pirate1.jpg shows the large object in her chest and head (camera is behind her).


And pirate2.jpg is from my slicer program showing the hollow space left by the object.

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Oh I'm sorry, I misread and was only looking inside the rifle.



put the camera at the back>Select visible>Separate Shells>Select the problem areas(allow back faces)>discard>combine>close cracks>inspector

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That worked, thank you. I think the Allow Back Faces was the key I was missing.

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