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Sculpt tool - draw inside

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Sculpt tool - draw inside


Is there any option to use the draw tool in such a way that it will push inside the surface, instead of pulling it outside? Instead of making a "mountain", I want to make a "valley".

Using the drag tool is not so comfortable because I can't paint with it like I do with the draw tool.

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Holding down Ctrl (Cmd on macOS) inverts the action of a brush:

For the Draw brushes: Instead of pulling triangles outwards > you will push them inwards (That's what you ask for)

For the Flatten brush: Instead of sucking the faces to an average plane > you will get higher peaks and deeper valleys 

For the Inflate brush: Instead of a spheric growing > you'll get a spheric shrinking

For the Pinch brush:  Instead of pulling vertices towards the center of the brush > you will push them away from its center.

For the Attract brush: Instead of sucking faces to a target > you will push them away from the target

For the Spikes brush: Instead of building a spike > you'll dig a cavity

There are brushes where an inversion doesn't make sense (Drag, Zipper, Smooth....)> so there's no such functionality.


Note on the Pinch brush: As said this brush pulls the surface towards its center. This center depends on the Depth slider. So if you set the depth to a positive value you pull the vertices to a bigger distance > inwards. A negative Depth value sucks them out  to a smaller distance > outwards. That's a most powerful option.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Man this is a god send.  I tried using Meshmixer 3 times int he last 2 years, and because I didn't know about ctrl, I ended up uninstalling.  thanks!



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