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Reorienting xyz axis

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Reorienting xyz axis



I am new to Meshmixer and needing some help with a problem. Please excuse my lack of vocabulary around this problem. I am still learning the terms. I am trying to resize some wall tiles to fit my needs but the orientation for the xyz axis is on diagonal (see the first screenshot) rather than a square (see the second screenshot). Is there a way to make the first object behave like the second object? I am wanting to make the wall thinner.

Here is the source file:


Thank you in advance

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If you run EDIT/Transform: In the upper right of its manipulation widget are two circles a L and a W. These are toggles to switch between two different coordinate spaces . The green circle is the active one.

If W is active the arrows always point to the standard axes of the scene's World.

If L is active the arrows always point along the orientation the object had when you imported it to the scene. So it travels along with rotations. That's the Local coordinate space.


To solve your issue:

Run EDIT/Transform and rotate the wall (should be 45°). Now switch to the World frame and scale it in the needed direction.

Note: In MM there's no decent tool to "reset" the Local frame to a  current orientation. If you want such a reset you need to Ex/Import the object or do other tricks (as Combine and split with another object)

More detailed info about Transform

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you so much!

Is there a tutorial series you would recommend for beginners?

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in reply to: fingrayson

Good old question about tutorials:

Some time ago RMS (who invented MM) found time to post some vids:

Some maybe not that up to date: YouTube Chanel MM

There's a Meshmixer playlist from 123D times: Meshmixer101

MakersMuse did some nice vids on MM:

MakersMuse at YouTube

Nick Kloski did a very detailed (paid) course at 


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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