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Remove chamfer, keep hole

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Remove chamfer, keep hole



I have this object (image). A hole was made, and then a chamfer was added. But now I want to remove tha chamfer in Meshmixer and keep te hole. How can this be done?



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A possible solution:

  1. In SELECT select the chamfer groups and discard them
  2. Run EDIT/Inspector to close all open boundaries.
  3. Run EDIT/SeparateShells > this ends in an outer "main" shell and several interior "hole" shells
  4. Hide the "main" object and activate the "hole" object.
  5. Hit Ctrl+A (Cmd+A on Mac) to SelectAll and run Edit/FlipNormals on the hole object
  6. In EDIT/Transform scale the  hole cylinders' height to punch the "main"'s surface(Generating a pivot on some "base face" of a cylinder before and snapping the Transform widget to it helps to scale in one direction only)
  7. Show and activate the main object plus the hole object as the second one and run BooleanDifference.

Another one (if you know the chamfer's depth = "D" exactly) is to select the chamfer groups and to run Edit/Extrude on it.

  • set its Offset to D/2 and EndType to Flat

This result might be good enough but may leave a little stair step around the hole.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks for your help. It did not work all the way, but is was like 99% for me.


For people who have the same issue, this is what I did (based on the help above)

- Edit - Create facegroups

- Select the front and back face - Edit -Remesh - clear selection

- Select the chamfers and delete them

- Go to the back and select a around the holes and delete (this will make the hole shaft fully free)

- Select te holes shafts and edit - Flip Normals

- Select them again and edit - seperate (two files will show in object window)

- Go to the base block and go to analysis - inspector - repail all. 

- Go in object browser to the hole shafts and select all by pressing Ctrl + A. 

- Next go to edit transform en extend the shafts so that they are long enough that they stick out on both sides of the block.

- Select the shafts again and go to Edit - Remesh

- Then first select the base block in object window, hold Ctrl and select the hole shafts, go to Edit - Boolean Difference

- Done

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Ah, thought the holes would be blind holes only...


You might be able to avoid remeshing steps (I think you had problems with the BooleanDifference result) if you disable AutoReduceResult in the BooleanDifference settings. If active it might reduce a low poly that much that the hole is garbage.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks for the tip (and help offcourse)

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