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Red squares instead of primitives icons

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Red squares instead of primitives icons

Hi Everyone,

I recently installed Meshmixer. What I found are red squares instead of primitives icons. I have also found link on google to with tittle Red error and the google thumnail decribesit like my problem. But after clicking it redirects me to autodesk forum but to autodesk hsm section. There are totaly different things solved. I even dont know what for is hsm used. Can somebody please suggest how to solve this problem with red squares? Or at least help me to get to right topic?

Big thanks for everyone that consider to help me with this problem.


red error.png

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in reply to: dddkuras

And here is the screenshot of red error2.png

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in reply to: dddkuras

Those red squares happen if MM can't find the preview imageof a part.

(A MESHMIX part needs three files:

- the geometry (something.obj)

- the preview image (something.obj.png)

- the part's settings file (something.obj.prt)

These 3 files need to be in the same directory. In case of the shown Heads example and a default installation at:

...documents/meshmixer/libraries/parts/default/Heads )


Most likely there are non-latin chars (e.g. Cyrillic or Japanese ...) used in the path (maybe the name of your user account?). For some reason MM is able to find the part but not the preview image in those cases.

You can check if there's such path issue right clicking on a red square. You should get a tiny "CopyToClipboard" popup. Click it and paste to some text field (e.g. some text editor) to read clipboard's content. Something wrong with that path?

You may move the whole meshmixer directory to some different location on your system. Now if you start MM it will not find the meshmixer folder any more and a dialog will pop up. Use its Redirect button and browse to the new location point to the meshmixer directory.


Your Google results link to the old MM forum. Unfortunately this does not exist any more.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks for the tips. I will post if I will achieve some result.

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in reply to: MagWeb

One agian thank you. Name of my windows client contained "á" so moved the whole MM directory to C drive and redirected after start of MM and whoala thumnails of primitives are there.

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you for your help.

I copy the default directory in the part directory to the directory where the copy to clipboard directed me. And now the obj file are there and it works.

Thank you for your good explenation. I don't want to miss the meshmixer.

Christoph Sobotta

Leipzig , Germany

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