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"My Parts" - the preview tiles are empty!

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"My Parts" - the preview tiles are empty!

When I make a new part for "My parts" - everything I make has an empty panel. (the PNG preview in the My Part folder is blank too).


What can I check? I've tried setting the folder to "Everyone" with all permissions... no change. =(


Thanks everyone!


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in reply to: SarahC_

There are cases were MM grabs an empty screenshot. I'm not sure about the reasons yet but I think this is related to the ratio of part/total-size-of scene....


Try this :

Open the default bunny, SELECT some area (e.g. an ear) and do ConvertTo/ConvertToOpenPart.

Now try MESHMIX/MyParts.

This should give a proper preview image. Does it?



Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: SarahC_

I have the same problem. No matter how basic the part (let's say I just try making an open part from the bunny ear for instance) nothing shows up in the preview. Open parts, closed parts, same thing. all I see is the little open or closed part icon next to the part. Otherwise it's just an empty box. Only way to know what's what is to drag the part onto the board.

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in reply to: alexjustcreative

When you create a custom part in SELECT/ConvertTo.../ConvertToOpenPart the scene changes to a light-grey background and a HoleFill flyout where you need to Accept the part. This is where MM should grab the preview image. Is this scene showing the part? If not: Try RecenterView from the View menu.


Are the preview image png stored in /Users/YourName/Documents/meshmixer/libraries/parts/user/My Parts empty too?

Do you use latest drivers for your graphics card?

I know about a different issue where MM can't find preview images if there's a non latin character (chars not used in English language) in the path to the library folder (in most cases the user's account name). Maybe this is some issue here too?



Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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