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Problems with Generare Complex

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Problems with Generare Complex



I'm following this guide ( to split up some models for multi-color 3d printing. However what I'm noticing when I try to generate the the complex there are these odd triangles which are being translated into the model. I'm not sure why this is occuring. Here is the model for reference (


Meshmixer - Generate Complex with weird TrianglesMeshmixer - Generate Complex with weird Triangles

Slic3r PE - Model with weird TrianglesSlic3r PE - Model with weird Triangles

Also I'm curious about something else. When you offset a surface in meshmixer you get a concave where it cuts into the model with jagged edges.


Eyes Offset SurfaceEyes Offset SurfaceEye ExportedEye Exported

Where as if you look at some Mosaic's ( or Cipis' ( remixed models the parts have a clean cut into the model. Is it possible to do this with Meshmixer? Or is this done with something else?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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in reply to: daroneseno

There are zero area faces where the eyeball intersects the head.

Zooming close with a visible wireframe you can find issues like that:

Zero area.jpeg

At a first look you may think that the upper brighter faces at such points are quads. Actually there's a not visible tri between. All vertices of such a tri are on a straight line > Means it owns no area > Means there's no way to calculate a meaningful normal direction.

Such faces may happen if a third party app joins different surfaces. This, most likely is the reason of the issues you are facing. The Complex tool needs the normals of the faces at a group's boundary to compute the direction of the interior surface. So if there's no meaningful normal you'll get a weird result.

After you created the groups you need to repair those zero area faces by remising:

Run SELECT(SelectAll)>Edit/Remesh: Set PreserveGroupBorders and SmoothGroupBoundaries checked and Accept after its computation.

Now GenerateComplex should work as expected.



Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Argh, autocorrection: "remising" means "remeshing"

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

I tried this out and it did the trick. Definitely learning everytime I try something new. Thank you for the help!

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