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Old Forum

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Old Forum

How can I access the old forum - very rich information was there!

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in reply to: and.magro

Unfortunately the old forum had to be removed.


That's a pity of course but a big chance too.

I'm trying to get this new location filled with up to date information as soon as anybody asks.

What are you looking for? 

Please do not hesitate to open new threads (after searching in the content currently available) if you miss something.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

I made a post yesterday evening, now its not showing up, was it removed,it had 21+ views,and an issue I really needed help with!



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in reply to: Anonymous

All is fine- ty anyway!!




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in reply to: MagWeb

Why was it removed? There was a very nice thread for instance with a whole list of tips and ''Did you know'' topics..


I really don't like this new forum layout, I'm having a hard time to find and read anything and it's very lagging too. And my account was gone too.


And my forum name is somehow info5J7MJ? I tried to set up my account again but OK..

3D Print Service 3DWP
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in reply to: 3DWP

Hi @3DWP,


The older forum was removed for a few different reasons. One major reason was to allow us to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR from EU. With the previous forum system it was simply not feasible to  bring it into compliance. Migrating data from the old forum would have required a manual review of every post to anonymize personally identifiable data.


We hope this new forum will bring you closer with other Autodesk users and give you tools, such as the ability to embed screencasts, that provide a better overall experience.


Best Regards,


Andrew Sartorelli - Autodesk GmbH

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