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Newbie: Please help with selection tool working

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Newbie: Please help with selection tool working

Hi and thanks so long for your help.

I have just started using Meshmixer. I am watching this video on selection:

But, I cannot seem to get a round brush selection tool. This means I cannot clearly see what I have already selected. I attached a screenshot of what I mean. My selection tool does not show as a brush but as this neon green rectangle which I cannot seem to control.

If you can point me to a tutorial that'll be great.

Secondly, how do I keep claw #1 selected while painting the other? I want to group them together.




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in reply to: deonholt

Seems to be some rendering issue. Did you already try to update your graphics card drivers ?

If updating the graphics drivers does not solve it you might try:

- Install Meshmixer 3.3 instead of 3.5 (get it from the download page of


- Some rendering issues are related to the ViewCube. You can disable ShowViewCube via MM's Preferences (menu) in its View section on its General tab.

or :

-  Enable BasicRendering (> Preferences>General>View). This option is bad as it does not allow transparent rendering which is used in certain tools (e.g. EDIT/Hollow...).


@Anonymous multiple areas

If you use the brush (which doesn't work for you) to select several areas: Simply use the brush to paint paint areas orange.

If you use the laser selection (click on empty space to get a red line to the next click...until you get a loop) a new selection will discard the previous. If you do a second while pressing Shift, it will be added to the previous selection.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you very much for getting back to me. I will try according to your suggestions and get back.

Thanks again.


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