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New to Meshmixer slicing problem

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New to Meshmixer slicing problem

OK i will try to explain this in a short paragraph. I am a ceramicist and i am trying to slice a rather large STL file (200MB) into reasonably equal parts. The issue i am getting is the program keeps crashing. I am using an iMac 14 core processor with 128 gigs of memory 10 TB of storage and the latest OS so i don't think that is the problem. As i said the file is large and i will link to the project below. Ideally what i want to do is slice this into 18" squares so that i can either  CNC or 3D print from the resulting files. The reason for the large number of slices is so that they will fit into the cutting area of my machines. From the resulting prints or cuts i will cast them in plaster and then slip cast in clay and fire to produce around 20  ceramic tiles for a wall display that will end up being 72" in diameter. As the file is of a large circular item i fully realize that all tiles will not be square but as long as they fit within a 18" area all will work out, i hope this makes sense ?  What i would like to know is, is there an easy way for a newbie to do this in Meshmixer ?


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Is the disk oriented along the grid's plane? If yes, RotateX at 90°. PlaneCut always starts parallel to the grid in the middle of the active geometry and if the disk is parallel to the grid too, the tools tries to fill the whole circle. Much easier is a perpendicular cut...

By default PlaneCut fills the cut plane with triangles while you move the cutting plane. This may be a problem on dense meshes and overrun the buffer. So set the tool's FillType to NoFill while moving the plane. When you found your position set it to RemeshedFill again and Accept the cut.


Another option is to build a pattern by pivots and make PlaneCut snap to the pivots.... But try the upper strategy first....


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Thank you, that worked albeit excruciatingly slowly, I find this with Cura as well. I am really surprized that software developers don't realize that with the advent of bigger 3D printers it follows that people will be using bigger files. This 200MB is small compared with the one i wanted to use at 1GB but that would not even load. Thanks for the help

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