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New location for Meshmixer documentation

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New location for Meshmixer documentation

Hi Meshmixer Community,


I'm pleased to announce the completion of our transition project for bringing the Meshmixer Manual into the Autodesk Help framework. You can now found the help documentation here:


Best Regards,

Andrew Sartorelli

Project Manager, Netfabb


Andrew Sartorelli - Autodesk GmbH
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It looks like the old site at has been taken down. It would be nice if it redirected to the new site, or had a notice saying the site has moved. Instead I get nothing. I had several of those pages bookmarked and for a couple weeks now I just thought the site was having issues...


Also there are several links at that still point to the old manual:

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Hi @jmdbcool,


Thanks for the feedback. As part of the transition process, the old URL should be redirecting to the new location. When I try the old URL on my machine, I get redirected. Can you try clearing your browser cache to see if that resolves the problem?




Andrew Sartorelli - Autodesk GmbH
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It is a lovely web based manual well done and all that but for your old fashioned users do you have the whole thing as a PDF file that we can laser print on 3 hole paper and slap into a binder? I even looked o Amazon to buy a manual and only Chinese and Japanese  versions turn up which don't help me a whole lot.


I guess I could slowly page through the whole online help page by page and  save each to PDF and then print but it occurs to me that if you folks did it or even better published a version for $20 to $30 then you could get a little back for Autodesk... admittedly your market will only be ancient fossils like me who still like actual books that they can read sitting in the 'library' on the toilet but there are a few who would find it handy.Smiley Happy

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Hi @Windshadow99,


Thanks for the feedback. We do not currently have plans to offer a PDF version. I've checked with our help content developer, and it seems that exporting nicely to a PDF is not possible with our platform.


Best Regards,


Andrew Sartorelli - Autodesk GmbH

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