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Need help making a scale model fender skirt from scanned STL files.

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Need help making a scale model fender skirt from scanned STL files.

Hello Everyone. I have a good scan of a 1963 Impala fender. I want to make a fender skirt for it. I was hoping I could use boolean commands to create the skirt. I dont know the right approach. 


I was able to create this negative of using primitive. But I was hoping there was a way to print out the right shape without having to reshape anything. 


I pretty proficient in fusion as well. Id love any help. thank you. 


Screenshot 2021-12-10 230505.pngpositive.png


The Goal: 



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in reply to: ramonluquin

It looks like you did it there. What's wrong with what you accomplished?

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Thank you for replying. I'm close. I have the outline if the skirt. But I don't know how to extract just the skirt. Maybe this is the best I can do with mesh work? I have a feeling the rest will require sculpting. I don't know how to make the skirt match the curve of the side of the car

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in reply to: ramonluquin

Just select and delete the portion you do not want, then close with Inspector.


Or attach your .mix

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in reply to: ramonluquin

I was leary at first about buying ICON Jayco Tandem fender skirt but after reading all the reviews, decided to take the plunge. I want sure what to expect but was really happy with it. It was shipped well so it didn't get bent/ broken. It fit exactly where the original was and actually looks better. 

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