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Need Help! How to obain the hole stl file created by the "hollow" function?

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Need Help! How to obain the hole stl file created by the "hollow" function?

Hello, I find the "hollow" function of Meshmixer is very nice, and this tool can create holes for the object.

I also want to obtain the stl file of the created hole, but I failed after trying many times. 



If I subtract the bunny model with the hole from the original bunny model, something wrong happened...This calculation took a long time and gave me a wrong file (see figure below)



It looks like the two bunny models did not perfectly match, which resulted in a lot of pieces being generated on the surface.


Can someone tell me how can I obtain the stl file of the hole created by the "hollow" function? I want to print the bunny and the hole separately and assemble them together.


Thank you in advance.😀

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Boolean operations might fail if there are redundant surfaces involved. You might try to enable the HandleCo-Planarity option which might work...


Seems you're trying to get an object with a hole and a plug fitting to that hole. Doing it the save way:

  1. Hollow your object without a hole
  2. From MESHMIX/Primitives drag and drop the cylinder onto your object, move/scale it to the desired location/size while CompositionMode = CreateNewObject. Make sure that the cylinder intersects the ex- and interior shell of the hollowed source object 
  3. EDIT/Duplicate the cylinder and the source object
  4. Activate one pair of source and cylinder and run BooleanDifference
  5. Activate the other pair and run BooleanIntersection

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you! My problem has been perfectly solved, you are a great engineer!

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